Final Project – Multimedia

I have created a website that teach people to code HTML, CSS & Javascript. First I translate everything from the internet that explain about those code language and make lesson from it. Second, I go through my lesson one more time and try to code a wireframe(layout of the lesson) and decided which wireframe do I want to create. Third is try to make my design simple and beautiful so people love it and enjoy learning the lesson. My Website is divided into three parts. The first part is for HTML lesson, the second part is CSS lesson and third part is Javascript lesson.

Not just divide into the three but in the header there is two buttons which is very helpful because they are Code Editor Online and Recommended Software to use. After they learned they can try to use the Code Editor Online and then after they get comfortable they can use the recommended software too.

The Hardest part of this website is to code the code to show on the website like this.

Here is the website link :



In math we learned about measure & value, angles and data analysis. Measure is something to calculate the size amount and more. Value is the amount of things, So in the lesson we learned different units and also we did a project which talk about cooking and the ingredient. We need to measure the ingredient and what value do we need and more. Angles is two rays that come to an vector. We measure angle and also learn about how to x angle. Data analysis is good for us because people use it help them analysis data for their exploration and more. Here is the thing that we learned in the class.

Happiness – English Literacy

In English Literacy, we are learning about happiness. We learn about how we make happiness and how we achieve happiness. Not just learn about happiness I also wrote a poem.

They said “Work Smart Not Work Hard”

Start Thinking Ignore Sweat

I bet most people sweat like dead

Think More Cause It Make You Smart

Rose are Red

Violet are Blue

Think More to make your Mindset Grew

And See yourself blew

Work Smart That’s what You should know

Don’t Tell a lot of facts but folks is good though


Traditional Food

Traditional Food exploration is the most fun exploration that i have ever had. At there we learned about the Cambodian Food and Khmer Food, also we study about the khmer cuisine. Not just learn about Khmer Cuisine, we also learned about the story of each restaurant owner. On the first day of our trip we went to Siem reap and interview Mahob which is the restaurant that served Khmer food and other too. On the second day we went to Cuisine wat damnak which they served as a set of food or called as course. On the third day we went to Sugar Palm which served Khmer Cuisine food. My facilitator tell me to make a video about the Sugar Palm restaurant video. So I filmed some footage and the interview. And put together the video and here the video :

Geography Book Publishing

Cambodian Geography Book is an exploration that working on finishing up designing of the book in a software called Indesign. The book spent us 1 years to do the research and the designing. Not just researching but we are going out on a trip to other province to find more information. The Design is fun for me because we get to touch new feature in Photoshop and Indesign a lot. I’m the designer of Takeo province the back cover and the spine. It is really cool for me to create spine because I don’t how to measure the spine so I need to learn hard stuff like get the measurement of the book and also estimate the pages so that it fit the spine. My dream in the future is to be a User Interface Designer and I got to design a lot of graphic for the book.

Adobe Indesign
Adobe Photoshop


Multimedia is a lot of things but the most famous one is online archive which is risky to student like us, so Cindy, our facilitator, train us a lot about how to search on the internet safely. After the learning of the Internet Safety. She bring us a new topics “Adobe Software” which some of Liger student know it like me. She doesn’t know much about some of the adobe software so she started to pick some student that know the software clearly to teach the other student in class. After studying Adobe software for one week. We have a homework that required us to us adobe Software to do it and also using our Internet Safety skills to do research about what we want to make. My project is talk about Pixar which is the animation studio. I wonder what they used to make their animation so I made a poster that talk about the software.

Here is My Poster (Click Here) : Pixar


In Liger, We have 1 hour everyday to learn literacy. In the class, We have our lovely teacher named Hannah. This year we started with a topic called “Root Words”. Every Week, She will hand us a paper that is about the root words but in different theme. It is called homework packet.

Here is one of the homework packet:


Also not just the homework packet but we also have more reading about some famous people like William Shakespeare, Mahatma Gandhi and etc. Mostly we read all of this in some website that our teacher assigned like Newsela, Readwork, Actively Learning and etc. One of the cool project that I have done is creating a video that talk about a person that we would like to put in an exhibition. After we filmed and edited. We uploaded to Flipgrid. Flipgrid is a website that we can shared our idea and also to make video for your class assignment.


This is my 3rd year at Liger. All 60 juniors studied the Singapore Math Book. Last year we learned the 4A and the 4B Math Book. And right now we are learning 5A Math Book. Also not just the Math book, our lovely teacher named Samantha give us a hopeful website Khan Academy for more knowledge. Beside Khan Academy she found other Math puzzle or games online to make the class more fun. For this week she have a multiplayer math games for us to compete with each other. It is really fun and I enjoy Math so much. 

Primary Mathematics 5A
Primary Mathematics 5A