Final Project – Multimedia

I have created a website that teach people to code HTML, CSS & Javascript. First I translate everything from the internet that explain about those code language and make lesson from it. Second, I go through my lesson one more time and try to code a wireframe(layout of the lesson) and decided which wireframe do I want to create. Third is try to make my design simple and beautiful so people love it and enjoy learning the lesson. My Website is divided into three parts. The first part is for HTML lesson, the second part is CSS lesson and third part is Javascript lesson.

Not just divide into the three but in the header there is two buttons which is very helpful because they are Code Editor Online and Recommended Software to use. After they learned they can try to use the Code Editor Online and then after they get comfortable they can use the recommended software too.

The Hardest part of this website is to code the code to show on the website like this.

Here is the website link :


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