List & Dictionary – Multimedia

This round 4 we learned about list and dictionary. We use list to put a group of things in a variable. Dictionary is used to defined type of variable. To make us understand more about those we go to to practice those. I have choose a project in there that call RPG. You can test it here:

We use Python dictionary to make room and also item for player. We use a lot of if statement so that the player can interact with the game. One example from there is If the room have monster and you are there then show game over.

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Multimedia – Coding with Python

For Round 3 I have learn about python code which we can use it to create games and also applications. I have learn a lot of rules and also the way to code it. If else statement is good to learn for beginner because it is simple and we can mess around with conditions.

Not just if else statement we also have for loop which we use it to print loop things. Loop mean again and again. For loop is mostly used to print things again and again with little and easy code.