How I Changed Cambodia – 2018/2019

A Scenery view of the village in Preah Vihear
A Scenery view of a village at Preah Vihear

  The Year 2019, A wonderful year for me to create impacts. I have been involved in a lot of activities and projects by Seniors but almost all of them only impact my surrounding people. During the same year, I was an introvert, I talked only to my friends in class except the facilitator. I also truly understood that I need to express myself in order to spread my impacts to others. 

Iron Forging in the Village
Iron Forging in the Village

    2019, a year that I worked closely with teacher Bunthan. I and everyone in the team is involved in creating a big impact to a community at Preah Vihear. I set a goal clearly to express myself more in talking also to force myself out of my comfort zone. The Ecotourism project was successful, the impact we made was huge and the villagers truly understood that their village had the potential of being a tourist site. After a few months of contact with the villagers, more and more tourists and students come to learn new things and explore their culture. Those were not our expectations because we believed that our impact only lasted when the project ended but those villagers made it possible that they should continue to show their village potential.

     Those impacts were never our expectations but we impact them to make it possible. This year, at least I have a project that creates a big impact. I will do my best to continue making an impact and lead other people to find their impact for others.

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