Outdoor Leadership

I have changed a lot and also not just me, it is everyone. I think that I am lazy but after this exploration I felt like I did a pretty good job of trekking and also helping other people. Before I am a very quiet student but right now my friend can’t even stop laughing because of me making jokes. On the bus I make jokes, while trekking I make jokes, while eating I make jokes and more jokes. This exploration I have learned a lot and not just the trekking stuff also learned about how to help our teammates and other like communication and collaboration.

I am an Outdoor Leader because I keep encourage my friend to walk for long trail and encourage my friend to learned new stuff while Outdoor. Outdoor leadership mean to me is take responsibility when we are outdoor. I feel like being an Outdoor Leader is cool because we enjoy nature and encourage other to love nature like us.

I want to share all of my knowledge about this exploration to Cambodian because for Cambodian trekking mean go and eat there then come back but I want to share to them that trekking mean walking, staying in the forest and do other stuff that is related to nature.

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